Frank Partners is a partnership run by Anna Carus-Wilson and Neil Bett. We work alongside a group of hugely talented and trusted associates.

We are professional actors by background and training. This has a huge influence on the way we work and the methods we use. We are also highly skilled facilitators and coaches, with over 20 years of experience.

We bring the practical, playful, resilient and creative nature of the rehearsal room into the businesses we work with. We understand as actors how rehearsal and practice make a difference, and, as in the rehearsal room, we create an environment where that difference and development can happen.

We are friendly and work with warmth, humour and a twinkle in our eye ! Most importantly, we really enjoy what we do.

‘Neil & Anna approach any project in a thoughtful, high energy, challenging, fun and collaborative way, never failing to bring a new perspective and hold the mirror up. 

At Dyson, Anna and Neil designed & delivered workshops for us, supporting leaders to have more meaningful performance conversations. They delivered a thought provoking, pragmatic and creative experience that reflected the unique context. 

Oh, and the Franks are wonderful human beings too !’

Emily Cadwallader, Global Talent Director 

We have become a trusted partner to the organisations we work with, building strong connections with our clients, and working with them over many years.