We work with people in organisations to help them become confident, brave and skilled communicators. Our belief is that all great communication is simple, authentic and connected.

We have been working with businesses for many years, from senior leaders to graduates and everyone in between. Our work has taken us round the world, working with different international cultures.

We bring a wealth of experience, lots of energy and create a safe, friendly environment so that our delegates can learn, thrive and have fun. We consistently get feedback that the learning on our courses is memorable, and the effects long lasting.

‘This was by far the best training course I've attended since joining the company. The facilitators were brilliant, and kept the perfect balance between teaching, learning and fun. I would highly recommend this course to people of all grade levels.’

Delegate form Robust Conversations

We like to work creatively and collaboratively with our clients. This list of services is not exclusive or exhaustive. If there is an area you would like us to work on which is not included, give us a call.

Robust Conversations

An exploration of how to have those tricky, awkward conversations with colleagues in a way that is assertive, kind and clear.  

Presence and Impact

We use a variety of methods to manage state, modulate the voice, choose words and use the body to achieve the best possible impact, so that delegates are communicating authentically and compellingly.

Presentation Skills

Developing the skills of presenting with impact, our focus includes connecting with your audience, overcoming nerves, being in control, using power point effectively (if at all), and being warm and congruent.

1:1 coaching

We are highly experienced and effective coaches. We have worked with top executives from leading organisations on a variety of issues, including developing personal impact, increasing empathy, managing stress, having courageous conversations and enhancing credibility.


Leadership is an art that requires many delicate skills, including clarity of purpose, empathy, flexibility, warmth, optimism, realism, an ability to connect and an ability to stand back. All of these attributes are demonstrated through communication; we work with groups and individuals to develop the skills that underpin them.

Unconscious Bias

There is no such thing as neutrality.  We all have biases; some of them are conscious, some are unconscious.  We raise awareness of the typical areas where biases can play out, offering practical strategies to manage them.


We have been telling stories for thousands of years.  We have been using tools like PowerPoint for 30 years. Leaders need to inspire, create narratives and engage their people, not just load them up with information. We explore how to tell good stories and shape the content, as well as creating opportunities to practice.


Being accountable, understanding the difference between intention and impact, and managing your biases (conscious and unconscious), are all critical skills for an effective workplace. We raise your awareness of your own impact, as well as developing your ability to call it out in others.


Relationships can break down. We facilitate critical conversations in a safe, kind, non-judgmental environment, giving both parties time and space to reflect.

Conference MC

We can provide an experienced and engaging anchorperson at conferences to add professional expertise to your event. We also coach presenters both before and on the day, enabling them to practice, speak with confidence and own the space.