‘The Franks are outstanding, best in class and like no other training company you will work with. Delegates at the training are engaged and eager to participate. The overwhelming feedback is that they expertly dealt with tricky issues in a way that was serious and yet light hearted. Most delegates commented it was one of the best trainings they’ve received.

The Franks quickly grasped our unique culture, way of doing business and endless acronyms. They were an extension of our HR team and jumped right in. They kick started a conversation that was long overdue. They started a cultural shift. Their impact will be felt long after this program. We hear the Franks being talked about in all corners of campus “Can’t the Franks help us with this [insert whatever issue they have]”’ 

Kirsten Duffill, Employee Relations Director EMEA, Global Sports Brand


‘Frank Partners was an integral part of our most recent executive development program. They helped design two critical elements of the program, and the team did a fantastic job delivering the content. The 3 Frank facilitators were talented, spot on message and each member of the team were very effective coaches in their own right. No question, our program would not have been as impactful without such an impressive team supporting us.’

Jim Reid, Chief HR Officer, Rogers Communications, Canada


‘It truly was a magical day with you and Neil. The team was so energized and really got so much out of the workshop. I enjoy working with the two of you as well, and meant it when I said I felt like you were a part of our team. You just get us!

I'm equally appreciative of the relationship we have with you both. It allows for some fantastic work in my opinion.’

Diane Fakhouri, Senior Partner, Director of Learning & Development, Ogilvy & Mather North America


‘Frank Partners has changed my mind about whether working with actors can genuinely help managers get to grips with real life working issues and improve performance.
They are excellent at what they do - they can be very challenging in the one to one role plays, yet they always manage to do this with a great sense of humour. 

They are bright, enthusiastic, full of energy, but above all it's the way they work with us and their energy, good humour and approachability mean they can offer both positive feedback and straight-talking suggestions for improvement, with equal facility.’

Daniel Cloke, HR Director


‘Invaluable input into the script, great ideas for staging and dramatic impact, wonderful acting, and above all, fantastic to work with. Everything we had hoped for, and more!’ 

Victoria English, Head of Medical Ethics, British Medical Association


‘Please send the team a huge thank you from me and all of the participants, everyone commented on what a great day they'd had and how much they enjoyed all of the activities with you all. Personally I thought you were all amazing, and delivered exactly what we set out to do and more. I'm delighted so thank you.’

Juliet Daye, Head of D&I and Talent Development, Ladbrokes Coral


‘Anna & Neil made every effort to understand how our journalists work, and the pressures they face. They skillfully unpicked all the anxieties our journalists had around having difficult conversations with their staff. I can’t recommend Anna and Neil highly enough…’

Louise Roughton, Assistant Managing Editor, The Times 


‘A quick mail to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed Friday’s development day. Loved every minute of it, and it was just up my street. I have taken a lot from the day, and have already started to put areas into practice. Amazed by the guys delivering the session and will not forget in a long while. More please!’

Chris Samuels, Learning & Development Trainer, Human Resources, Vodafone


‘Ogilvy & Mather WW have worked with Frank and Partners, on a number of occasions. I have found their approach to be extremely flexible and innovative which suits our creative environment. They ran programs on personal presence, and did it in such a way that our people were opening up and participating and learning straight away. Their approach and interaction is appropriate for a cross section of employees and levels, and is a memorable learning experience for all involved, and has great impact on behaviors. We have worked with them in Europe and North America, and their approach has worked very well for us in both regions.’

Marie-Claire Barker, Global Chief Talent Officer, Edelman


‘Frank Partners have the ability to turn theoretical concepts in to emotional reality, which is the only way people really learn.’

Ewan Stickley, Flyingfish Coaching & Consulting Ltd.


‘I have been working with Frank Partners for a number of years, and they always deliver a fun and engaging session. They're not afraid to throw themselves into a corporate environment and turn it on its head - always a surprise for those that attend their training! My delegates come away full of energy and new ideas about how to go about things. Anna and her team listen to what I, and the teams need, and are adaptable - they're easy to work with and it is always a pleasure too.’

Claire Kearney, Training Manager, News UK


‘Professional training, delivered with high energy - it really hit the mark and brought to life the issues for us. Not easy when your organisation has employees from over 40 nationalities not all of whom speak English as a first language.  A great investment!’

Anita Tomany, Vodafone Qatar


‘I always look forward to working with Anna and Frank Partners. They approach any project in a thoughtful, high energy, challenging, fun and collaborative way, never failing to bring a new perspective and hold the mirror up. 
At Dyson, Anna and Neil designed/ delivered workshops for us, supporting leaders to have more meaningful performance conversations. They delivered a thought provoking, pragmatic and creative experience that reflected the unique context. 

Oh, and the Franks are wonderful human beings too!’ 

Emily Cadwallader, Global Talent Director 


‘You guys are absolutely fantastic and it’s always good to work with you. I'm more impressed each time you work with us.’

Claire Kilner, Operations Manager, Vodafone 


‘The ability of the actors to represent key stakeholder challenges, tailored to each specific organisational context, goes way beyond any traditional concept of 'role play'. 

The behavioural learning achieved by participants can be hugely accelerated, is often profound and is invariably a positive and dynamic experience.’

Chris Street, Senior Consultant, The Oxford Group


‘I thought you were brilliant. Bringing richness to the session; colour to a black and white movie.’

Glenn Foster, Senior HR Business Partner, Wellcome Trust