We work with a team of talented, skilled and experienced associates. We are fussy about who we take on, and deliberately keep our pool small. Our associates are flexible, engaged, resilient and able to work under pressure. And really nice to be with. And fun!

Here is what they say about working with Frank:

‘Your good humour permeates every aspect of the job, for actor, client, participant and trainer.’

‘I think the main thing with you guys is the total lack of BS and corporate jargon, coupled with the skill you have in both recognising and demonstrating behaviours.’

‘We are trusted … we are valued’

‘There’s a professional manner with which Frank carries itself, but it’s not at the expense of personality.’

‘It’s no coincidence that on Frank jobs, the delegates are frequently incredibly honest with themselves, and really challenge their existing behaviours.’

‘I know no companies that do Forum Theatre remotely as well as you. It’s always the perfect balance between educational and humorous.’

’The ‘performance’ element of training is understood, embraced and enjoyed.’

‘One thing I would highlight is your creative approach – it feels much less ‘corporate’ style